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The Sparkle Kids and The Sugar Troll  

The Sparkle Kids and The Sugar Troll is a fun, adventure book that helps kids make healthy choices with confidence and ease. This book is a part of a series that we will be releasing over the coming years that touch on different wellness topics


In their first adventure, Summer becomes trapped by the Old Sugar Troll. She

needs Sonny’s help to rescue her from his sugar-filled cave. Together, Summer

and Sonny must fight the Sugar Troll to save thousands of other children who

have been trapped by his treats. They have fallen under his sugar-eating spell

that’s making them feel sad. Will the power of Sonny’s magic sword and

Summer’s wand be enough to overcome the Troll’s wicked and unhealthy ways?”

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"I have known Dani for over 17 years... The best way to describe her would be like the white witch in The Wizard of Oz... Her book is just another blessing to everyones health and happiness"

- Maddy King, Model, nutritionist & herbalist

"I read The Sparkle Kids and the Sugar Troll to my five-year-old daughter. She loved it! She was instantly captivated by the adventure and loved the colourful illustrations of the kids and especially the Sugar Troll. The most beautiful thing was that she grasped the meaning of eating in a healthy way and the concept of ‘sometimes’ food. After reading she asked to make a fruit smoothie together, and that showed me the power of this sweet and meaningful tale."

-  Natalie, Mum of 3, Victoria, Australia. 

“My little girl absolutely loved The Sparkle Kids! It has such a great message about a healthy lifestyle and the illustrations are super engaging. I also loved the parent resources included in the book. Will definitely be adding this to our regular rotation of bedtime stories!”

- Vanessa Elliot, Mum and Psychology Student

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