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The Sparkle Kids are two cousins - Summer and Sonny Sparkle. They love going on adventures and outdoors.

Summer has a magic wand and Sonny a Magic Sword that are fuelled by the Suns rays which help them to continue on their different adventures where they will  teach children in a fun way about health and wellness.

The Sparkle Kids is a Health and Wellness brand specifically targeted at being able to provide fun resources and to create a connection between parent and child as they read the books and use the resources together, instilling knowledge for both parent and child.


In the one layer, we want to subtly embed the importance of health in the developing brain of the child. In the other layer, we want to inspire the parent to prioritise the importance of health and wellness for their child if they haven’t already. 

There will be a range of products from learning cards, books and games that will be released.

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- Danielle Smith, Author & Founder

Danielle Smith is thrilled to see, The Sparkle Kids, come to colourful life.

The Sparkle Kids is all part of Danielle’s mission to foster a healthy mind, body and soul for families and children in Australia and the world.

As a child, she was severely overweight, and put herself on a healthy eating plan to help lose weight. Unfortunately, it was in the midst of the low-fat diet fad, so she developed a fear of fat and as lollies had no fat in them, she became addicted to sugar and eating jelly lollies. This caused her to have a warped sense of sugar and food, which carried on into her early 20s, along with a range of gut and metabolism issues that she had to correct. 

While health and wellbeing are at the core of her business and life’s work at Glow For Life.

Danielle has a special passion to spread her message to younger audiences so they can instil life-affirming healthy habits for a long and happy life at an early age. 

She wanted to provide this in a fun, subtle and  interactive way - Thus The Sparkle Kids brand was created. 

- A.A.Formin, Illustrators -

Alexander and Anna Fomin - Family magicians from Russia. - "Every artist is a little bit of a Magician."

Together Alexander and Anna push the limits of the usual, opening the door to a fairy tale, a fantasy world familiar to us all since childhood.


They raise two wonderful daughters: Olga and Irina, they love to travel and invent magical characters.

They dream to see and learn the cultural characteristics of as many countries as possible and believe that love and support for each other is the most important thing in life.

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