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"The Sparkle Kids and The Sugar Troll" is a fun, adventure book that helps kids make healthy choices with confidence and ease.


In their first adventure, Summer becomes trapped by the Old Sugar Troll.

She needs Sonny’s help to rescue her from his sugar-filled cave.


Together, Summer and Sonny must fight the Sugar Troll to save thousands of other children who have been trapped by his treats.

They have fallen under his sugar-eating spell that’s making them feel sad.


Will the power of Sonny’s magic sword and Summer’s wand be enough to overcome the Troll’s wicked and unhealthy ways?

The Sparkle Kids and The Sugar Troll - Hardcover Book

SKU: 0001
  • Hi! I am a hardcover book. This makes me easy to wipe down if the cover gets dirty.

    This book is a fun read and written in rhyme with subtle health messages for children to learn.

    An interactive version is available after purchase. It includes downloadable colouring-in-pictures of the characters for extra fun for the kids.


    Edition : 1st edition

    Author : Danielle Smith

    Illustrator : A.A Fomin

    Audience : Children 

    Ages: 3-6years

    Language: English

    Dimensions :  TBC

    Weight : TBC

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